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    Basic Exercises For the Home Gym

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    Beginner Routines. 10 basic picks for beginner bodyweight exercises are available to give a full-body workout. Complete 2 sets of ten to fifteen reps of each workout exercise, with just 1 minute of a break between each set. This circuit is an excellent beginner routine. Do not try to increase the weights during this circuit.

    Jumping rope or rowing are both effective exercises for building muscle strength and improving cardiovascular fitness.

    Jumping rope exercises can be made more intense by adding extra weight to the rope – for example using dumbbells on each hand.

    Doing rowing exercises on an elevated bench also adds a challenge to the exercises. These exercises are excellent to improve your aerobic and fitness performance.

    Straight leg lifts

    Straight leg lifts

    One of the most difficult exercises and a very popular choice for building strong legs are straight leg raising exercises. Stand with one leg forward and hold onto the edge of a table. With your arms hanging down, simply lift one leg up to your chest in the air, arching it as high as you can.

    Shoulder exercises

    Use a stability ball to place one shoulder across the bottom of a chair. Hold on to the ball with one hand and raise your other arm, palms upward, by curling the shoulder up under your body until your shoulder and arm form a triangle. These exercises help strengthen the shoulders and build strong glutes.

    Pike Squat

    Building strong abdominal muscles and core muscles is essential for any athlete, runner, or cyclist. One of the best exercises for building abdomen strength is the pike squat. Stand with one leg forward and hold onto the edge of a bench. With your legs at the sides of your body, squat into the air with your back as straight as possible.

    Seated Dumbbell Press

    The seated dumbbell press is a powerful isolation exercise that works the shoulders, triceps, and forearms. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, position them over your head and extend your arms towards the sides of your body. In this position, make sure that your elbows are locked out, and then lower the dumbbells slowly until they are just beneath your chest level.

    One-Leg Squat

    This workout isolates the quadriceps, which are the larger muscles of the legs. Place a mat on the floor with your feet spaced apart a shoulder width and squat down until the bottoms of your heels are touching the floor before standing up.

    Side Away From Back Leg

    This side workout isolates the quads because your arms workout will not train these muscles. Stand with one leg bent at the knee and feet hip-distance apart. With your arms straight, bend your knees to bring your upper body as close to the side of the body farthest from you as possible, while locking your toes in place.

    Hip Flexor Stretch

    This exercise works the gluteus maximus and hamstring. Stand with both feet hip-distance apart and place your hands on the sides of your hips. Let your hands move back toward your body while inhaling and exhaling deeply while twisting your pelvis slightly in an attempt to bring your spine closer to the ground.

    Horizontal Facet Pull Up

    This is a great bodyweight exercise for your shoulders. Stand in front of a wall with your hands placed flat against the wall, feet shoulder-width apart. Bring yourself up to the bar and raise your shoulders as high as you can, maintaining your arms completely straight throughout. Lower yourself back down slowly and repeat.

    Half Spinal Hinge

    With your right arm fully extended straight over your left, place your left hand on your right thigh and grip it with a slight bend to your right elbow. Bring yourself up to the same height as your right arm, keeping your right leg slightly flexed at the knee joint. Switch places and repeat. To complete this one, your legs should be roughly extended in front of you and your upper body should be parallel to the floor.


    This routine begins by leaning back against a workout bench and lifting one leg up into the air. Lift the opposite leg in the opposite direction, keeping your arm straight with your elbow locked out in front of you. Squat down and repeat. Make sure that you are performing these leg lifts slowly and under control.

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